About Devika Group

The Devika Group, with roots in 1954, is a real estate industry mainstay. Devika Group arose in tandem with the development of our country's rich artistic and cultural fabric, matching the ascent of prestigious institutions such as Sangeet and Kala Academies. Prodigious artists came to the world stage during this era, demonstrating India's rich cultural legacy. The story of India's development is woven through with the voyage of Devika Group, reflecting the country's transformation from the post-independence period to the present. Trained in tradition but open to innovation, the team is dedicated to providing quality work in all its endeavors, which helps it to maintain its reputation as a real estate industry leader in dependability and distinction. Guided by leadership spanning three generations, Devika Group is now steered by seasoned real estate professionals who uphold the trust vested in them by their clients. With an unparalleled legacy, the group boasts extensive expertise in developing office and commercial edifices, imprinting Delhi's skyline with iconic landmarks.

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